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Laser Lipolysis Procedure Info

During a pre-procedure consultation, your doctor will work with you to discuss your goals, explain the procedure and set realistic expectations. At your consultation, your doctor will perform a Body Mass Index (BMI) test. He or she will use this information in combination with other health information to determine the potential outcomes you should expect. Lipotherme is ideal for removing unwanted fat in selected body Before After Hips
zones with all patients reporting results post-procedure due to the reduction in fat and the instantaneous skin tightening, but results will vary depending on a host of factors such as age, hormones, BMI and other health indicators. Your doctor or a staff member will thoroughly brief you on all pre-procedure and post-procedure precautions.

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Your doctor will first administer a mild numbing agent to the targeted zone. Then a small metal tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin and a tiny laser beam is fired as the doctor moves the cannula back and forth. As the laser warms the fat cells, it creates a thermal effect. Fat cells, which are highly receptive to thermal energy, are liquefied. Next your doctor will aspirate (suction) the liquefied fat cells away.

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